Phoebe Deutsch

phoebe deutsch

Phoebe Deutsch is a sculptural artist and fine arts educator who received her BFA in Fine Arts from the Rochester Institute of Technology, School for American Craft. From a young age Phoebe has been attracted to the interconnectedness of nature’s systems: how things work together — twisting, growing, collaborating, serving each other’s ecophysiology to create sustainable life in a never-ending network of change. For her, using clay represents a direct connection and collaboration with our home, Earth. She believes the act of adaptation is the great connector between humanity and the environment. There is still much to learn about the significance of such an intricate network, and this is what inspires her artwork.

Deutsch is a faculty member at The Crucible, past business owner in arts education and has managed an international artist-in-residency program at the Guttenberg Arts (Non-Profit) Organization. Phoebe has participated in both national and international exhibitions at the Dyer Arts Center, Mehu Gallery in New York, Massachusetts Audubon Society, as well as Transmission Gallery, Adelines Lab, San Pablo Art Gallery, and the Isabelle Percy West Gallery in California. Print publications include Carrier Pigeon Magazine, Issue 15 featured in PS1 MOMA and Art Basel Miami. She lives and works in California, and New York.

Phoebe’s work reflects a vision of what she calls “alluring speculation.” Her work explores life in its transitional states. Rather than directly depicting nature, Phoebe seeks to create new natural-like forms mainly inspired by various types of ancient biology.

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