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Dr. Beata Edyta Mierzwa is a molecular biologist who combines science, art and fashion to share the beauty of biology with the world. In her postdoctoral research at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research at UCSD, she explores how different types of cells divide to broaden the world’s understanding of cell division and improve cancer therapy. During her academic career, she discovered that combining her passions for science and art creates a unique way to communicate scientific concepts. Beata’s illustrations focus on the molecular level, showing processes that make all life possible. Each artwork breaks down the essence of complex scientific findings, translating them into aesthetic visuals that describe biological processes in intuitive ways. She also designs science-inspired fashion printed with real microscopy images to offer a glimpse of what has fascinated scientists for centuries. She has found that highlighting science through visual means enables her to connect with broader audiences on a deeper level, sparking fascination, curiosity and genuine interest. As a AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador and Vice-Chair of Young Women in Bio SoCal, Beata is a strong advocate for women in STEM – with a mission to combine art and science to inspire creative minds who will change our world with innovative research and groundbreaking discoveries.

Instagram & Twitter: @beatascienceart

Website: www.beatascienceart.com

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