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Dr. Steph Nowotarski - skopology
Dr. Nowotarski is currently a postdoctoral research assistant at the Stowers Institute in Kansas City, MO. During her time on the microscope she doodled (a lot) and while in grad school, developed a habit still in place: science days, art nights and weekends. Her favored mediums change with her mood, the season, and how much time she has in front of her: oils, watercolors, inks, printmaking, a little bit of everything. She has found that each needs the other for the world to be in balance: her science is better with art and her art, better with science.
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Dr. Bob Goldstein - skopology
Bob Goldstein is a scientist who explores who cells work, how animals develop, and how tardigrades survive some seemingly unsurvivable conditions. He is also a printmaker, and he co-teaches a college studio art course that merges printmaking and science. 
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phoebe deutsch
Phoebe Deutsch’s work reflects a vision of what she calls “alluring speculation.” Her work explores life in its transitional states. Rather than directly depicting nature, Phoebe seeks to create new natural-like forms mainly inspired by various types of ancient biology
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